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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept? 

Take your pick!  We accept payment via credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as cryptocurrency through Coinbase Commerce (Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC).  Sadly we don’t accept $REDDIES (yet!). 

Do I need to pay for shipping?

Shipping costs will be added in the checkout, so click through to see how much shipping you’ll be charged.  Shipping costs and currency are based on your shipping address.  


Will I need to pay additional taxes and duties?

Possibly.  Certain countries charge import taxes and duties, which are set by local governments and vary by product type. All taxes and duties will be applied in the checkout, so don't worry there won't be any hidden, unexpected costs.

What we can promise is that we’ll make shipping much easier on Mars than here on Earth!


Do you offer returns?

Sadly the logistics to return items to Mars are pretty complex, so we don't offer returns currently. That being said if any of your items are damaged or faulty we'll of course off a full refund.

See our refund policy here for more details.


What if you don't ship to where I live?

Get in touch! We'll see what we can do, even if Teeba needs to drop it off himself.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We work as quickly as we can to process, pack and ship your orders.  We recommend allowing four weeks between ordering and expecting to receive your merchandise; but I wouldn’t put it past our team to get it to you earlier!  


Can I track my order?

Yes! Once your order has shipped you'll receive an email from us containing a tracking link for your package.

How do I work out the right size for me?

On each of our product pages you'll see a section called 'Sizing information' which has the relevant sizing specific to that item.